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Are You Ready For Cheap Dedicated Hosting?

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

When you are looking for a hosting provider so you can get your web site live you need to know what are the requirements for your site. Dedicated Hosting is just one type of hosting service. You will want to do a comparison of the different types of hosting to help you choose which is the best one for you. What you will need to focus on is the benefits.

dedicated-hostingDedicated Hosting means that you are going to be provided with a server that is located at the Hosting Company’s data center that is only going to be used for your website. What you have to realize is however, that with this type of hosting you have much more responsibility. The responsibility for configuring it and maintain it is yours. You may have to rely on IT personnel to help you with this. By the same token the benefits that Dedicated Hosting provides may be well worth this additional expense.

If you look at the benefits of what Dedicated Hosting provides and compare these with the other hosting services this will give you a good idea as to whether the extra cost that comes with Dedicated Hosting is worth it.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

The main benefits that you are going to get with Dedicated Hosting are…

  • Server control
  • Up Time
  • No traffic congestion
  • Security Protection
  • Advanced Support

When you look at each of these collectively you can see the many advantages that you are offered with Dedicated Hosting. These are all benefits that can be somewhat limited with the other choices of hosting. For example, if you are using shared hosting then you are limited with what you can do with the server, because there are other websites using it and you cannot conflict with their sites. On a dedicated server there are no other sites, so there is no issue. Being on your own server minimizes the risk of down time because the server is not overloaded with other website usage. One of the major benefits is the security protection. On the other hosting options your website is more vulnerable to what may happen to the other sites on it.

Dedicated hosting is usually much more expensive and hosting companies that provide this service want to be sure to keep these clients totally satisfied so they will tend to offer much greater support services.

Providers Of Cheap Dedicated Hosting

When you are looking for the best pricing when it comes to Dedicated Hosting then you are looking for Cheap Dedicated Hosting Providers. What you want to do is look for those that are offering great pricing but with no compromise to the Dedicated Hosting benefits. An example of some Cheap Dedicated Hosting providers are as follows….

  • ServerPronto
  • InMotion Hosting
  • LiquidWeb

What is important is that you look carefully at the specs that they list for their hosting packages and make sure that they are going to meet your requirements. You also want to make sure that because they are marketed as cheap that some of the services that are included with Dedicated Hosting are not being eliminated.

Be sure to pay attention to what operating system is being used for the dedicated servers. In many cases the Linux operated servers are much less expensive and this may be the reason that the Hosting Company is able to offer a cheaper price. However, Linux may not be able to meet your site requirements. Ideally you want to have experienced IT professionals to rely on to help you make the right choice for Cheap Dedicated Hosting.