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Docker Container Hosting For All

Docker, the newest container technology has taken the computing world by storm. One of the reasons for this is because it allows far more applications to run on the typical servers and it also makes it very efficient to package and transport programs.

Big organizations are adopting this new Docker container technology at a very high rate by converting from Virtual Machines. This is because with a well-tuned container hosting system, you can add as many as six times the previous number of server applications on the same infrastructure.

What is Docker hosting?

docker-hostingDocker container hosting brings a lot of new goodies to the table. For starters, it has made container technology easier and safer to use compared to the previous technologies. Large organizations are constantly seeking to make their data workload more portable and standardized which is made possible by Docker.

Docker hosting technology offers unique feature for creating light view containers that can be modified, shared and that commit to computing repositories.

Why use Docker hosting?

Most companies have specialized dedicated software to run all their computing services and the IT developers most likely code on the typical machines such as desktops and laptops. Once developers code new features, they test their operations on local unit tests or dedicated machines after which the code is transferred to the production machines.

This clearly shows that the relationship between the developer and production machines are quite different and a lot of problems can come in with Docker containers , developers can be sure that the code will function the same in your server as well as laptop. Such is the power of Docker containers.

In simple terms, Docker container hosting is no magic bullet but it provides a pertinent and well-designed solution for multi-use. Built on standard open source Linux features such as LXC, Cgroups and AUFS.

Web users including individuals and companies are sure to benefit from using Docker container hosting technologies.

Benefits of Docker hosting

  • Open source technology

Docker container hosting technology is based on open standards which enables the containers to operate smoothly on all Linux distributions and also on Microsoft Windows and any other well developed infrastructure.

  • Lightweight

All Docker containers which run on one host machine share the same operating system and start within seconds using less RAM. The efficiency and lightweight characteristics of Docker containers make them very reliable.

  • Secure

Docker containers isolate various applications from each other as well as the underlying infrastructure. They also provide an added security layer for each application therein providing web owners with greater security.

  • Social

Docker containers are based on a unified file system that manifest as layers. Each alteration is done on the top layer that can be shared to the other layers. This allows users to base their images on the other images shared by others.

Providers of cheap Docker hosting

With Docker Hosting being the big thing in web hosting, it is only normal that young online businesses and large ones alike subscribe to this new technology. For one, it has an unending capacity to sustain growth and increased traffic thank to it large storage, CPU and RAM.

Here are some of the top web host providers offering Docker container technology.

  • BlueHost
  • iPage
  • HostGator
  • 1 & 1
  • InMotion Hosting
  • FatCow
  • HostClear

Before you make any major decision, start by running a background check on each of the above providers to determine which offers the best Docker container service. Additionally, it is also important to identify a provider who shares the same concerns as the ones you have for your website or business.