Cheap shared webhosting

How Cheap Is Cheap With Shared Hosting?

A reliable web host is a necessity for all blogs and websites but it doesn’t have to cost you all the money in your bank account. The key is in finding a cheap shared web host with all the necessary features to keep your blog or website running optimally.

Cheap shared webhosting

cheap-shared-web-hostingWhen going for cheap shared web hosting, the most important thing is to choose a provider who offer the standard web hosting features by the current market’s standards. Though these standards change from time to time, they should be as recent as possible. At the moment, some of these standard features include the ability to host between 50 and 100 domains that are not so active with the basic email services, web statistics report, up to date MySQL and PHP, auto scripts installations, a minimum of 99.8 percent server uptime and the basic after sale technological support.

It would help if the provider is in a position to offer server backup, private SSL certifications, additional dedicated IP addresses and malware scanning but this might not be possible if you are looking to go really cheap with your web hosting services.

But, before you go ahead and start looking for a cheap shared webhosting provider, it’s important that you are aware of all you hosting needs. If you end up purchasing something you don’t really need, then you’ll be wasting money no matter how cheap it is.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What type of website am I building?
  • Do I need windows applications?
  • Does my website need any special software?
  • Am I looking for something common such as WordPress blogs?
  • How big do I expect the traffic volume to rise to?
  • How much of my money should I dedicate to web hosting?
  • What is my yearly budget for the website?

These questions will help you pinpoint your exact web hosting needs and therefore help you pick the best cheapest provider.

Benefits of shared hosting

  • Affordable

One of the greatest attractions of shared hosting is its cost effectiveness. A person with a new business website or blog can hugely benefit from shared webhosting as their traffic at startup is not that high. This also provides newbies with a great learning experience in preparation for future web success.

  • Customization

The web hosting resources in shared hosting are shared among multiple users. However, a customer’s website is still under the management of the webmaster via the control panel. This allows website owners to personalize their websites using the available tools to best suit their craft.

  • Convenient

Managing a website is the easiest thing when using shared web hosting owing to the fact that every technical aspect is managed by a team of professional and well experienced technicians. This allows user to channel all their tie and necessary resources to improving their website or blog.

  • Efficient

The amount of bandwidth and disk space is very crucial to web hosting as it helps blog and website owners run their businesses efficiently. Shared hosting provides sufficient space to a new website or blog giving users the opportunity to add more and more resources.

  • Secure

Security is very important to shared web hosting as it only takes one user in the network to misuse any sensitive element to bring down the server. I light of this, providers take all the necessary measure to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Why host sites locally?

Shared hosting works best with local hosting as it ensures the speeds are faster and performance optimal. This allows users to run their blogs and websites efficiently.

Shared hosting providers

  • iPage
  • bluehost
  • FatCow
  • Go Daddy
  • InMotion
  • HostClear